Meet Jennifer: Our New Belly Blogger

October 8th, 2013 by 2 Comments

1. So, Jennifer, you decided to write for the Belly Blog. We’re really excited to have you on board! Tell us about yourself and what people can hope to see on the blog in the coming weeks?

I’m beyond excited to join the team! I’m a full-time blogger over at Not Your Momma’s Cookie, where I cook up fun desserts and decorated sugar cookies. I’m happy to find an outlet to discuss the weird and wonderful world of pregnancy and beyond. I think my readers may revolt if I start discussing placenta encapsulation and mucus plugs over there, so here I am!

You can expect lots of informative, fun-to-read posts from yours truly. I may even throw in a funny story or two. Because, really, you need a solid sense of humor to get through pregnancy!

2. You are expecting your first child. What are your expectations?

No sleep and an obscene amount of poop.

In truth, I think parenthood is going to be the most amazing, frustrating, rewarding, insane thing I’ve ever done.

3. Did you do anything special or creative to announce your pregnancy?

Hubby and I waited until I was 13 weeks and had received our NT scan results before announcing our offspring’s arrival to the public at large (through phone calls and then via Facebook ’cause, you know, nothing is official until it’s on Facebook nowadays). But, I did tell my parents when I was around 8 weeks. I happened to be visiting them at that time and my mom’s birthday was coming up and in addition to a “normal” gift, I included a baby outfit in the bottom of the bag. She just started crying immediately!

4. You’ve probably already had a baby shower or two, so what is your best baby shower tip? What is your favorite event or game that anyone could add to their shower?

Serve booze. It makes everyone happier (even if the mom-to-be can’t partake!). I had a brunch shower and the mimosas were a hit! I didn’t mind indulging in some sparkling pink lemonade as an alternative.

Games are so hit or miss. Other than the obvious choice of having everyone fill out their baby pool cards, tailor games to your crowd. Having some fun-loving friends who love a good gag? Maybe the candy bar diaper game is for you. Want something a little more tame for a more demure crowd? Try a gift bingo.

A low-stress activity is always good too. My shower guests loved our baby headband making station!

5. What is the #1 pregnancy-related product you could not live without?

I simultaneously love it and hate it, but I believe I couldn’t live without my Snoogle. It is much too long for my miniature frame (I’m 5’3″), which requires some finesse on my part to wrangle its “arms” into the right position. Plus, it means that every single time I want to go to the bathroom and/or change positions (which is about 108 times a night now), I have to wake up and push/kick/readjust to get out of it. But, I was a devout stomach sleeper before pregnancy, and it keeps me in a side sleeping position so I don’t crush our wee babe.

6. We have to get the baby-daddy involved here: What is the #1 tip you would give to guys out there who are going to become a father for the first time?

I would say be prepared. Even when the mother is pregnant there’s a lot for the daddy-to-be to do.

The nursery is a lot of work, but I wouldn’t put that really in the negative column, I spaced it out over a few months of weekends and I found it really made it real to me that my daughter was coming, and brought some of that excitement back when I was working on it.

The second, trickier situation is that pregnancy is not only physically, but emotionally exhausting. The mother’s sleep is fitful, her body and hormones are changing, and she’s bombarded with tests and exams that while good for the baby’s health, aren’t things her grandmother’s generation even thought about. The point of this is that the daddy has to step up a little more around the house. Have cats? That’s your job now. That perfect house you might see slip. It’s important to have an honest conversation, with what she can do and is expected from her, and what should now be expected of you (Hint, it’s more). Don’t think that she can do more, and she’s just not trying, without really talking about what she’s going through, and don’t let her work herself to the bone without you stepping up to the plate, and being the husband and father you want to be.

7. Favorite book, tv show, and/or movie to enjoy while you’re expecting? (If you even have time for these things!)

Other than something embarrassingly long marathons of TLC’s A Baby Story (I swear it is the equivalent of a birthing class to me), my reading/watching habits haven’t changed much. However, I highly recommend the Baby Bargains book, which will help you wisely prepare for your little one’s arrival. Really, do you NEED  wipe warmer? The book helps you know how to save and splurge effectively!

8. You run a blog about food. What is your favorite food and drink during pregnancy?

Funny you should ask, because my eating habits are about to change drastically! At 29 weeks, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which basically means that my pancreas and the baby’s placenta aren’t playing well together and it is making my blood sugar too high. As a result, I am just starting a snazzy new diet and pricking my fingers four times a day. Oh the joys of pregnancy!

Before my diagnosis, despite being a dessert blogger, I usually craved savory items. Like Thousand Island dressing and french fries. Weird, I know!

9. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I love the independence of it and the chance to write on a regular basis (I dabbled in creative writing and enjoyed it immensely!). Also, forming friendships with and being inspired by other bloggers – there are so many wonderful, talented people out there!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Looking forward to hearing great stuff from you Jennifer. We seem to have quite a bit in common – such as our names and love for pregnancy, birth and placentas! However, the most common sign of me being in the kitchen is the sound of a fire alarm!

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