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Jennifer Borget is a mother of one and expecting baby #2. On top of raising her daughter, she writes about her adventures as a wannabe Domestic Diva on her blog, Baby Making Machine. She also started blogging for Baby Center. And that’s just her part-time evening gig. By day, she’s an award winning journalist and news anchor in Austin, Texas.

She set up a baby pool on our website and we sent her a few questions to see if she’d share some of her secrets about pregnancy, motherhood, and maintaining her sanity as a busy working mom.

Jenn and Jayda

Jenn and Jayda


1. Who is the “Baby Makin Mama”?

I’m Jennifer, a fairly new mom figuring out my way in the world juggling a career, family, hobbies, and aspirations to be a domestic diva. Despite my name, I don’t make lots of babies, just two so far, but I chose that blog name years before getting pregnant the first time when I decided to write about my journey toward becoming a mother. It’s stuck through the years as I’ve switched my “machine” on and off.

2. You’re expecting your 2nd child on April 1, so you’ve been through all this before. For the rookies out there expecting their first, what is your #1 greatest tip?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. I know nothing seems small the first time around but this time, all those worries about what diapers and shampoo to use, to sleep train or not, home made vs store bought baby food… It wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. Now my first baby is a little girl and all those things I worried about in the first 6 months or so seem so silly. This time around I’m just planning on not sleeping for a year or so, but enjoying all the fun little moments that go by too fast.

3. Gender reveal parties are all the rage now. Did you do anything special to announce the gender to the world?

I wish! The first time I used an app to make the ultrasound pic all girlie and texted it to family, then announced it on Facebook that way. This time the gender is a surprise so I’m trying to think of a fun way to tell family and friends who don’t come to the hospital. I’m thinking of doing a fun photoshoot when we get home, but who wants to wait that long to share? And chances are someone will spill the beans before I get around to it.

I did make two take-home outfits, one for a boy with suspenders, and a bow tie, and one for a girl with a ruffly bottom and bows. Maybe I’ll share a photo of baby in that outfit. It’s no cake but maybe it’ll be cute.

Jennifer Borget's Girl and Boy Onesies

Handmade onesies by Jennifer

4. You have been through a few baby showers by now, so what is your best baby shower tip? What is your favorite event or game that anyone could add into their shower?

One game I like that’s fun for people who don’t even like games is making the gift opening a game of bingo. Have guests fill out blank bingo cards with what they think mama will get, and cross off their card as she opens gifts. When you get 5 in a row you get BINGO! Winner(s) get a little prize.

5. Most of these questions are geared towards mom, but we don’t want to leave dad out here. What is your husband’s #1 tip for new dads?

“Don’t expect to get any… Sleep.” <— He’s a man of few words.

6. My son is almost 3 and he is exactly what people call a “terrible two”. I hear that girls are a little easier at the toddler stage. Do you feel like that is true, and if your little one turns into a monster, how do you handle the situation?

I’ve always been a little scared of little boys. They seem so destructive and hyper. But when it comes to entertainment boys seem perfectly content playing with sticks. My little girl is definitely dramatic and emotional, at times it’s cute but other times I think she’s just the ultimate drama queen. I think they both have their moments. With her I just try to stay calm and communicate with her. Since she’s so emotional, she’s pretty in-tune with my feelings, so when I’m getting frustrated she usually asks me “mommy are you happy?” and it gives me a chance to tell her how I’m feeling and talk about what we can do so to make both of us feel better.

7. What is your favorite food and drink during pregnancy?

Lofthouse frosted sugar cookies, strawberry Poptarts (without icing), Sonic burgers, hot dogs and limeades. YUM!

8. Favorite book, tv show, and/or movie to enjoy while you are expecting? (If you even have time for these things!)

Last time I felt like I watched nothing but A Baby Story, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, and anything else baby related. This time I’ve watched none of that, but I’ve really been enjoying The Bachelor and Desperate Housewives.

9. A lot of people out there are starting blogs and some of them really want to turn it into a fulltime gig. What advice do you have for other bloggers out there?

When it comes to blogging for money, I’d try to be realistic with my expectations. Very few bloggers do very well. Take the time to build up a base and find your focus. I love blogging because it gives me a chance to write and share the things I love most, for fun. It’s also a great journal for myself, and for my children when they get older. It’s not all about them, but rather how I see things I’m going through. My future generations can look back and see what a goofball their great-great-great-great Grandma was. My advice would be to be true to yourself, set goals, and connect with people who are doing what you’d like to do. Reach out to them. A mentor is a great advocate to have. This goes for any aspiration.

10. Like most parents today you’re in super-overdrive: writing for your own blog (, writing for BabyCenter, working the “real” job as a news anchor, and raising your daughter. How do you keep up with it all?

Yes, I work full-time as a reporter and anchor at a local news station, blog for fun, and as a freelancer, dabble in photography and videography, and chase around my sweet little girl–But of course she and my husband come first on the list in real life.

I keep up with it all by writing a lot of to-do lists, and tackling tasks as I feel like in the mood to complete them. I get a lot more done faster when I’m feeling inspired to do it, and I’m pretty good on a deadline. Sometimes I have to take a step back from my personal blog to get things done, or learn to say “no” when I really can’t take on an extra project. I’m not the best at balancing, but so far, I’ve been pretty good at juggling.

Thanks for sharing your story and great advice!

Now, on to the baby pool contest details:

Celebrating the arrival of Baby Borget #2 wouldn’t be complete without a baby guessing game. As part of their game, we want to toss in a prize to make it more fun for everyone. So we’re giving a $50 Visa Gift Card to whoever comes in #1 in the pool

The rules:

  1. Guesses will be accepted until March 18, 2013, or until Jenn goes into labor – whichever happens first.
  2. All are welcome to guess, but only residents of the continental United States are eligible for the prize.
  3. Winners will be determined by the point system outlined here.
  4. If the winner is someone who didn’t set up an account, they MUST have their email entered in the system so we can contact them via email. If we can’t reach the winner for this (or any other reason) we will go to the 2nd place winner and so on until we reach a winner. (So, sign up on the website and enter a valid email address to make sure we can reach you.)
  5. Remember, guesses left in the comments on this page do NOT count towards the prize. You must sign up at and Join the official baby pool (click Join at the top right of the pool page.).


Click here to join in the Baby Makin’ Machine Baby Guessing Game!



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