Activities for Pregnant Women Stuck at Home

April 25th, 2012 by No Comments

While some pregnancies proceed perfectly right to the due date, some pregnant women find themselves homebound for a few weeks to help keep them and their babies safe. Doctor’s orders can range from just having plenty of rest at home to complete bed rest, where even going to the bathroom is suspect. Although not all activities are safe for every pregnancy, here’s a list of suggestions to help your time at home go smoothly.

Preparing For Baby

Many mothers-to-be take this time to do a lot of online shopping to prepare for baby’s arrival. From diapers and bottles to toys, furniture and décor, it can all be shipped right to your front door. Creative people often enjoy making various crafts for the nursery, such as painting the child’s name on the wall or creating a personalized mobile. Other, probably less fun, preparation includes organizing paperwork, contacting your insurance company, and drafting a will.

Reaching Out to Others

Even though you’re stuck at home all day, it’s important not to become isolated. Between the phone, email, and even handwritten letters, now is the perfect time to catch up with all your old friends. Local friends can come by for a short chat and cup of tea. It’s also a great time to make new friends, especially with women in similar situations. Mommy chat rooms offer plenty of advice and encouragement, while local mom-to-be groups can also offer support over the phone and in person.

Staying Active

No matter how strict your doctor’s orders are, it’s important to keep your mind and body active during this time. While some daily stretches and leg exercises may be the only activity your body needs, your mind needs more to stay alert. A good start is to catch up on your reading or give yourself a manicure while you watch a movie. A pregnancy journal is also a great way to focus your mind and keep track of everything during this chaotic time.

Scrapbooking is another wonderful activity for the homebound. You’ll have a lot more pictures soon, and not very much time to take care of them, so it’s nice to be caught up before the baby arrives. Cross-stitch, crochet, making a diaper bag, and other sewing projects are fun to do and even more fun to show off when completed. Many women also enjoy drawing, putting together jigsaw puzzles, solving crosswords or Sudoku puzzles, and playing cards. For the more adventurous, this free time is perfect for a new challenge, such as learning to speak French or play violin.

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